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Repair and Replacement

Repair & Replacement

Need a Tauranga plumber? The Local Plumber will manage all your plumbing repairs, whether they are the result of a plumbing emergency, or scheduled for repair or replacement.

Alterations and Upgrades

Alterations and Upgrades

  • Bathrooms
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry

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Plumbing services in Tauranga

We are based in Tauranga and our years of experience will ensure you always get Trade Certified service that is guaranteed. We are price competitive, quick and responsive. Our customers speak on our behalf with their personal recommendations. We are always happy for you to reference us.

Our services include a number of new home plumbing services, from designing plumbing requirements throughout your home to installing all plumbing needs such as pipes, appliances, sinks,  vanities and hot water cylinders.

Our plumbing services are for residential home owners along with commercial and industrial businesses. We can work on jobs both big and small. We offer a wide variety of services regardless of the size and type of job.


The Local Plumber did a great job...

"We would not hesitate to recommend The Local Plumber to anyone wanting a quality plumbing experience...”
Carolyn & Doug Bennett

"They were friendly, punctual, provided good communication...”
Mike Doyle